6430 You cannot make changes to the design of the database at this replica


When you open the Cardex Database, an error appears: "You cannot make changes to the design of the database at this replica."


The table design of the Cardex Database has been modified by a person or program.


Export the current Cardex records and import them into a new, blank Cardex Database. (Microsoft Access must be installed on your computer to complete this resolution)

1. Close Point.
2. From the Menu bar, select Start > Run.
3. In the Open field, enter WINPOINT.INI and click OK.
4. In the winpoint.ini window, look for the [Directories] entry and write down the path for the Templates= parameter.

6430 a
5. Close the winpoint.ini window.
6. From the desktop, select Start > Run.
7. In the Open field, enter the path you wrote down in step 4.
8. Click OK. The folder should open.
9. Double-click the database folder.
10. Right-click the pointcdx.mdb file and select Rename. The cursor begins blinking next to the filename.
11. Rename the file to oldpointcdx.mdb and press the <Enter> key.

6430 b
12.Double-click the oldPointcdx.mdb file to open it.
13. In the list of available tables, double-click Cardex. This opens all the Cardex records.

6430 c

14. From the Menu bar, select File > Export.

15. In the Export Table 'Cardex' window, go to the File type field and change the type to Text Files.

16. In the File Name field, enter cardexexport. Save the file to the Desktop and click Export All.

6430 d
If the Export Text Wizard window appears for you to choose a delimiter, select Delimited... > Comma.

6430 e6430 f

1. Click Finish to export the Cardex records.
2. When the information has been exported, reinstall Point. This installs a new, blank Cardex Database.
3. Open Point.
4. From the menu bar, select Utilities> Cardex Database.
5. From the menu bar, select File > Import.
6. In the Import window, select Comma delimited file and click Next.
7. In the Import Source window, click the () and browse to the Desktop.
8. Double-click the cardexexport.txt file you exported from Microsoft Access.
9. Click Next.

6430 g
10. In the Custom Import window, uncheck the Has Field Names in First Row box and click Next.

6430 h
11. In the Import Table Mapping window, go to the Cardex Field column and map the First NameLast NameCompanyPhone, and any other applicable values.

6430 i
12. Click Finish.

When you are finished, the old Cardex Database is imported into the new Cardex Database to correct the error.