6431 Multiple step ole db operation generated errors, check each ole db status value if available - no work was done


When you open the Cardex Database, an error appears: "Multiple step ole db operation generated errors, check ole db status value if available. No work was done"


  • The Compatibility Mode is set to enabled in the Properties area of the Point icon.
  • The computer that generates the error must be updated to MDAC to version 2.8.


De-select Compatibility Mode in the Point icon Properties.

  1. Close Point.
  2. Go to My Computer.
  3. Double-click Local Disk C:
  4. Double-click the Winpoint folder.
  5. Right-click on the winpoint.exe file and then select Properties.
  6. From the Winpoint Properties window, select the Compatibility tab.
  7. In the Compatibility Mode section, uncheck the Run this program in compatibility mode for box.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Try opening Cardex again.

Update to MDAC 2.8

Go to the website below to download and install MDAC 2.8