6433 Connection Error: 12019/12029 Point was unable to connect with


Error 12019 or 12029 was displayed when making a request from an interface vendor from Point Services.




  • An active internet connection was not detected.
  • A firewall or proxy server is blocking Point from communicating with the Internet.



Verify browser connectivity to the Calyx Service.

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Enter https://tmsservice.calyxsoftware.com in the address bar and press <Enter> or click GO.
  3. The browser should redirect to https://tmsservice.calyxsoftware.com/service/tmsfunctions.asmx

The following message is displayed in the browser:

The Service is running.

This means that the browser successfully connected to the Calyx service. If the message is not displayed, contact your network administrator to resolve this issue.