6441 Point LEF Errors

Point LEF Errors

If you generate a RegulatorConnect report and an error occurs, it is likely because data in fields required for the report is missing:


To successfully generate the report, the following fields are required:

  1. Select Track > Regulator Connect.
  2. Complete the fields in the Loan InformationProperty Information, and HELOC sections.

    6441 a

  3. Open the Mtg Loan Commitment screen.
  4. Complete the Name field in the Lender section.

    6441 b

  5. Open page 1 of the Loan Application.
  6. Enter the Lender Case No.

    6441 c

  7. Select Banker > Closing Documents > Basic Loan Information.
  8. Enter the Docs Signed date in the Dates section.

    6441 d

  9. Open the Truth-In-Lending screen.
  10. Enter the Disclosed Date.

    6441 e

  11. Enter the APOR date in the Higher Priced Mortgage Loan section.

    6441 f

  12. Scroll to the Prepayment section and select the applicable check boxes to indicate whether a prepayment penalty applies and whether the borrower is entitled to a refund.
  13. If you select the May have to pay a penalty check box, complete the fields that become enabled to indicate the penalty percentage, amount, and the years.
  14. Select eLoanFile > Loan Product screen.

    6441 g

  15. If the loan has a prepayment penalty, complete the Prepayment Penalty Mths field in the Prepayment Penalty section.
  16. Open the Banker > Fees & Impounds screen.

    6441 h
  17. Complete the Disbursement Date field in the Dates section.