6441 Point LEF Errors

Point LEF Errors

If you generate a RegulatorConnect report and an error occurs, it is likely because data in fields required for the report is missing:


To successfully generate the report, the following fields are required:

  1. Select Track > Regulator Connect.
  2. Complete the fields in the Loan InformationProperty Information, and HELOC sections.

  3. Open the Mtg Loan Commitment screen.
  4. Complete the Name field in the Lender section.

  5. Open page 1 of the Loan Application.
  6. Enter the Lender Case No.

  7. Select Banker > Closing Documents > Basic Loan Information.
  8. Enter the Docs Signed date in the Dates section.

  9. Open the Truth-In-Lending screen.
  10. Enter the Disclosed Date.

  11. Enter the APOR date in the Higher Priced Mortgage Loan section.

  12. Scroll to the Prepayment section and select the applicable check boxes to indicate whether a prepayment penalty applies and whether the borrower is entitled to a refund.
  13. If you select the May have to pay a penalty check box, complete the fields that become enabled to indicate the penalty percentage, amount, and the years.
  14. Select eLoanFile > Loan Product screen.

  15. If the loan has a prepayment penalty, complete the Prepayment Penalty Mths field in the Prepayment Penalty section.
  16. Open the Banker > Fees & Impounds screen.

  17. Complete the Disbursement Date field in the Dates section.