6446 User Not Authenticated


The User not authenticated error occurs when downloading Fannie Mae results from the Interfaces menu.



There is a problem with the Fannie Mae password.



Note: Performing the following solution will remove the saved user id and password for Fannie Mae. You must know the login before proceeding.

1. Rename the ini file.

2. Verify you are able to login to the Fannie Mae website.

     a. Open your web browser and go to the Fannie Mae Glass website  (https://glass.fanniemae.com/portal#/signin)

     b. If you are unable to login, use the Forgot your password? link to reset and create a new one.

3. Open Point and navigate to Utilities > Fannie Mae Connectivity.

6446 a

4. Enter your login information.

6446 b

5. Navigate to Service > Fannie Mae > Fannie Mae DO/DU to submit.