6489 User Not Found Error when installing Point using the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser


When installing Point on a computer for the first time using the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge an error occurs:

6489 a



The "&IGNOREBROWSERCHECK=1" extension has not been added to the installation link when copied into the browser, and the ClickOnce Support feature is set to Default or Disabled.



Important: This article is intended for advanced users and IT Professionals performing an intital installation of Point on a new user's system.

To install Point using the Chromium-based Edge browser, the ClickOnce Support feature must be enabled.

1. Open a new tab in the Edge browser.

2. Enter edge://flags/ in the address bar.

3. Use the Search flags field to enter ClickOnce.

4. Use the dropdown to select Enabled.

6489 b

Note: You will be prompted to restart your browser for the changes to take effect. Once you click the Restart button, your Edge browser and any tabs will reopen to the pages they were previously opened to.

5. Minimize the browser window.

6. Enter %userprofile%\AppData\local\Apps\2.0 in the Search or a new File Explorer window.

6489 c

6489 d

7. Remove the two folders if they appear in this location for a clean installation, as they are left over from the previous installation attempt.

6489 e

8. Repeat for %userprofile%\AppData\local\Apps\Calyx Software.

6489 f

9. Maximize your Edge browser.

10. If you do not still have the tab with the Point installation link open, add a new tab to paste the link from the installation email into and add the &IGNOREBROWSERCHECK=1 extension.

11. Click the Install button.

12. Click the Open button from the Open this file? dialog box.

6489 g

13. Make sure that Microsoft Edge is selected from the How do you want to open this? dialog box and click OK.

6489 h

An Application Install - Security Warning box will open for the Calyx Installer.

14. Click Install.

6489 i

15. Follow the installation prompts to complete the install.

16. Once complete, the Set Name dialog box will open.

17. In the Enter your first and last name field, enter the user's name as it is set in MyCalyx.

18. Point will now open.