6495 Loan Product Advisor Request: PLP0005 Error Message when running Freddie Mac LPA System-to-System


When submitting a loan to the Freddie Mac LPA S2S service, the Loan Product Advisor Request: PLP0005 error message is being received:

6495 a



The Submitting Role type selected on the Freddie Mac Addendum screen does not align with the role entered in the Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor Setup screen.



1. Navigate to Utilities > Company Defaults > Freddie Mac LPA System-to-System.

2. Verify your Company Level User ID and Company Level Authentication password are entered and correct.

3. Complete the Seller Servicer # or the Third Party Originator (TPO) # field based on your LPA account type:

  • Loan Seller: Enter your Seller Servicer #.
  • Third Party Originator (TPO): Enter your TPO #.
  • Sponsored Third Party Originator (TPO submitting loans under a loan seller): Enter both the Seller Servicer # and your TPO #.

6495 b

4. Return to the Freddie Mac Addendum screen, select the appropriate role, and submit your file again.

6495 c