6612 Negative Cash Flow is doubled on the Combined Transmittal Summary when there is a Co-Borrower 1


The Negative Cash Flow doubles when there is a Co-Borrower 1.



The Co-Borrower 1 file is included the negative cash flow and is being carried over to the Combined Transmittal Summary.



  1. Open the Point file.
  2. From the Menu bar, selectBor/Co-Bor > Co-Borrower 1.

    6612 a

  3. Go to the Transmittal Summary.
  4. Scroll to section III. Underwriting, and insert a check in the Lock box that is located next to theNeg Cash Flowfield.
  5. Delete this value.

    6612 b

  6. Save the file.
  7. From the Menu bar, selectBor/Co-Bor > Borrowerto go back to the primary Loan Application. The combined ratios will be correct.