6614 Statement of Credit Denial does not print credit bureau address


When you print the Statement of Credit Denial, the credit bureau does not print in section 2.

6614 a


The credit bureau address is not properly indicated on the credit score disclosure or not imported into the statement of credit denial form.



Check the address on the Credit Score Disclosure and Import them into the Statement of Credit Denial

    1. Go toForms > Credit Score Disclosure.
    2. Verify that all credit bureau addresses are correct and properly inputted. The name and address of each credit bureau MUST be EXACTLY correct as listed below:

      (If there is any discrepancy, the credit bureau will not print on the statement of credit denial)

      Experian should be first:
      P.O. Box 9701
      Allen, TX

      TransUnion should be second:
      P.O. Box 1000
      Chester, PA

      Equifax should be last:
      P.O. Box 740241
      Atlanta, GA

    3. Once you verify or correct the addresses on the credit score disclosure form, go to Forms > Statement of Credit Denial...
    4. Scroll to section2. Disclosure of use of information obtained from an outside source.
    5. Scroll to the right and click the Copy from Credit Score Disclosure button.

      6614 b
    6. From the Select Credit Score Disclosure screen, select the credit agency that will print on the form in section 2 and then print the Statement of Credit Denial form.


NOTE:If you use a master template to default information into every new file; please check your master template and verify that the addresses on the Credit Score Disclosure are the correct addresses, as they are listed above.