6636 A Windows Installer message appears with command switches, when attempting to install Point


When you attempt to install Point from the MyCalyx e-mail, a windows installer message appears:




There is an invalid parameter in the data folders or templates path in the installation setting that is assigned to that user.



If a folder path has a backslash (\) at the end, it should be removed to resolve the error.

For example: a Templates Directory Path of H:\Pnttempl\ should be h:\Pnttempl), without the backslash, (\) at the end.

    1. Log into https://www.mycalyx.com
    2. From the landing page, click Manage Users.
    3. From the Manage Users screen, take note of the installation group the user is assigned to.
    4. Click Installation Settings.
    5. Select the installation group to which the user is assigned.
    6. Verify the path for templates and data folders are accessible from the workstation.
    7. Remove any invalid characters, such as quotes (") or commas (,) and correct any improper path settings, such as entering a forward slash (/) rather than a backslash (\) in the folder path.
    8. When the path settings have been corrected, click Save.
    9. Click Manage Users.
    10. Highlight the user name that caused the error message to appear.
    11. Click Resend E-mail.