6701 Files created offline do not import


Files created offline or while disconnected from PointCentral are not available after the connection to the PointCentral server is re-established.


There was no PointCentral connection when the file was created.


Save the file to a directory on the server.

In Point (while connected to PointCentral):

A message is displayed that confirms the file was saved.

    1. Select File > Open File.
    2. Browse to the local directory where the file was saved, usually the default location, C:\PNTDATA.
    3. Double-click PNTDATA (or the name of the local data folder where the file is stored).
    4. Double-click Borrower or Prospect, depending on where the loan was originally saved.
    5. Double-click the name of the file that is not available (shown in this example as OFFLINE FILE) and click Yes in response to the prompt to save changes to the file.
    6. Navigate to the data folder where you want to save the file.
    7. Select the Use Auto File Naming check box to name the file automatically or enter a name in the File name field.
    8. Click Save.
    9. Open the PointCentral data folder where you saved the file to verify that it is in correct location on the server.