6702 Unable to modify existing files on PointCentral


Existing Point files do not save any changes. You are able to create new files but you are not able to save any changes on existing files.



  • The Point file is read-only due to a locked reservation.
  • There is a Full Force Synchronization of all data folders being done.
  • The user's computer is on a FAT32 File System.



PointCentral Reservation

Every time a user opens a file, it will appear in the Active Reservations list. When the user closes the file, the reservation in PointCentral is released. A user may experience an issue where they have closed the file but when they re-open it, it opens in read-only mode.

  1. Log into the PointCentral server. (Ex. https://mypdsserver.com/admin)
  2. Click Reservation.
  3. From the Reservations screen, look for Active Reservations and delete the locked file reservation.

Note: Be careful when deleting a reservation because if you delete the file reservation to a file that a user is currently in, their changes will not save.

If you do not see the read-only file in the reservations list. Then this is not the cause of the file not saving.


A Full Force Synchronization is currently running on the server

If a Full Force Synchronization is currently running on your Point Central server, users will be able to make changes, but those changes will not save. If you have unintentionally started a Full Force Synchronization, refer to this article in order to stop it.



PointCentral is not compatible with a user running a FAT32 File System on their computer. Although the user can install Point successfully and connect to the PointCentral server, if their computer has a FAT32 File System, they will not be able to save changes to any existing Point file.

The user's computer must be converted from a FAT32 to an NTFS File System. Then they can connect to the PointCentral database and update files.