6706 HMDA report missing from PointCentral

Note: Rebuilding the template set(s) is required to be able to have the report show up immediately after updating. Once the rebuild is done your users can log out and back in to Point for the report to populate into their list.

1. Log in to the PointCentral Admin site and navigate to Configuration > Template Set Maintenance > Copy Template Set.

6706 a

2. Click on the Copy From dropdown, located in the Copy Template Set dialogue box, and select Calyx Default.

3. Select the Let me choose radio button, click the "link" to Unselect All, click on the Reports check box, then click on the Rebuild Template set after copy check box.

6706 b

4. Select the desired template set(s) from the table to have the report copied into.

5. Click the Copy into Selected button or if you want to copy the HMDA report into all existing template sets, click Copy into All.

6706 c