6733 The current residence indicator does not transfer to Loan Prospector

Matching the current residence address from page 1 of the Loan Application to the current residence address on page 3 of the Loan Application.

  1. Open the Point file that did not transfer the current residence indicator to Loan Prospector.
  2. From the Menu bar, select Forms > Loan Application > Page 1.
  3. Scroll to Section III. Borrower Information.
  4. The Present Address on Page 1 of the Loan Application should be identical to the present address that is entered into the Schedule of Real Estate Owned section on Page 3 of the Loan Application. Both addresses should be identical.

Page 1 of the Loan Application

6733 a

Page 3 of the Loan Application

6733 b

The Current Residence indicator in the Freddie Mac: Addendum screen appears.

  1. From the Menu bar, select Interfaces > Freddie Mac > Addendum.
  2. Scroll to the REOs section.
  3. X in the Current Residence column indicates which property is the current residence.

When both the present address and the REO property match, the current residence indicator is automatically checked on the Freddie Mac Addendum screen.

6733 c