6740 – Disclosure Document Crash or Cushion error

When attempting to pull Initial or Closing Disclosures from a Document Provider via Services > Initial Disclosure or Closing Disclosures an Export Error occurs:

6740 a

6740 b


This error is caused by items in section G. Initial Escrow Payment At Closing not being properly completed either on the Fees Worksheet for Initial Disclosures or on the Closing Costs Worksheet for Closing Disclosures. The system is attempting to divide Escrowed items by a 0 mths@ amount or the mths@ by a $0 amount.

Steps to resolve:

1. Open the file giving the error.

2. Navigate to the Aggregate Escrow Acct screen from the left navigation panel.

6740 c

3. Look for any incomplete fees in the top left column and check that those entered match the Aggregate Adjustment Table.

6740 d

Note: The customer should be able to verify this information for you.

4. If drawing Initial Disclosures, navigate to the Fees Worksheet > G. Initial Escrow Payment At Closing to correct the incomplete fees from the Aggregate Escrow Acct screen.

• The incomplete fee will either need an entry in the mths@ field or the $ field.

• If the fee is not to be included in escrows, the user can remove it from the section.

5. If drawing for Closing Disclosures, navigate to the Fees Worksheet to verify the Freeze Fees checkbox is marked then go on to the Closing Costs Worksheet to complete any incomplete fees the same as in Step 4.


6740 e


6740 f

6. Save the file to update your changes.

7. Go back to the Aggregate Escrow Acct screen and click the Calculate button on the bottom of the screen now that there have been Aggregate Adjustments.

6740 g

8. Add the Cushion and 12 months.

6740 h

9. Verify the calculations.

6740 i

10. Proceed to draw document package.