6801 - Completing the MCR Call Report screen in Point

Completing the MCR Call Report screen in Point.

1. Open any loan file. 
2. From the menu bar, select Track > Mortgage Call Report.

Enter origination information into the Track > Mortgage Call Report screen.

1. Choose a Business Channel from the dropdown menu.
2. Enter the Application Date.
3. Select an option from the Servicing Has Been dropdown menu.
4. If applicable, click on the Exclude from NMLS Report checkbox.
5. If needed, select the Received from 3rd party checkbox.

Origination Information


1. Select the Type of Purchaser from the dropdown menu.
2. Select Action Taken from the dropdown menu.
3. Select the Action Date by clicking on the calendar icon.

Qualified Mortgage

The Qualified Mortgage section will auto-populate by selecting the QM button at the bottom of the screen. Use the dropdown menu to select the QM Report Status.


Subject Property

1. Enter the Street address.

2. If needed, enter the type of unity from the dropdown menu. 
3. Enter the unit Number.
4. Enter the Subject Property’s City, State, and Zip code.
5. Enter number of Units (No Units).
6. Enter the Property Type.

Loan Information


1. Enter Initial Loan Amt if applicable.
2. To adjust the Loan Purpose, select the Lock icon and choose the desired options.
3. Select the desired lien Position.
4. If needed, select the type of Documentation from the dropdown menu.
5. If Refinance is selected, select the Purpose of Refinance.
6. Select the desired Loan Type.
7. Select the desired Occupancy.

Note: The Linked 2nd Mtg (Piggyback) checkbox is auto-selected when a piggyback loan is linked to the first mortgage.

Loan Origination Information

The Loan Originator Information section allows the user to enter information about the originator. Select the Originator from the dropdown menu.


Loan Product


1. Select the Amortization Type.
2. If needed, select Credit Risk.

Lender’s Loan Selling

1. Select an option from the Sold To Status dropdown menu.



2. Select the FAS 104 Sale Treatment checkbox if applicable.
3. Select a Funded Date.
4. Select the Sold Date.
5. Choose Yes or No if Table Funded.


Broker and Lenders Fees
This section has auto-populated fields for Paid to Lender and the Paid to Broker. Fees paid outside closing are included in these fields.