7008 Setting the Loan Originators List for use with the Company Main page

Zip version 2.1 introduces the ability to have a company main page to introduce your company and list general company information. This page is also used as a gateway to access all your Loan Originator Zip Landing Pages from one location.

To set your Loan Originators List:

1. Login to your Zip Admin site (newadmin.zipforhome.com).

2. Select Set Loan Originators List from the left navigation panel.

Note: The Default Loan Originator cannot be removed from the List on Company Main table. For more information on selecting the company's Default Loan Originator, refer to knowledge base article 7005 Updating User Information for Zip.

3. Select individual LO's to show on Company Main page, or select all by using the arrows between the two tables.

4. Any Loan Originator listed in the List on Company Main Page table will be available for borrowers to select from for submitting applications through.

5. Use the Sort by buttons to arrange how your Loan Originators will list on the Company Main page.

  • Sort by Registration - This will list the LO's in the order they were added to your Zip account.
  • Sort by Name - This will list the LO's in alphabetical order by first name.

6. You can also click and drag to rearrange the order in which the list appears.

7. Hovering over any Loan Originators name will give you a preview of how their listing will appear on the Company Main page.

8. Click the Save button when finished.