7010 Resending a Zip Borrower Interview to Point

There are times when a Zip Borrower Interview may need to be pushed back out to Point for import. This is a task that must be done by the Zip admin for the account.

To resend a Zip Borrower Interview to a user's Point system:

1. Login to your Zip admin site (newadmin.zipforhome.com).

2. Select Borrower Interview Report from the left navigation menu.

3. You can use the available fields to search by Loan Originator Name and Borrower Email.

4. Optionally, use the Loans originated date to select the date range for when the interview was submitted.

5. Click Search.

6. The Results section will populate based on the chosen parameters, if used.

7. Locate the desired Borrower Interview then click the Resend link at the end of the row.

8. The file will be pushed out to the Point system of the Loan Originator associated with the file and can be imported immediately.