7012 Creating Borrower Interview Configurations

Zip allows the creation of multiple Borrower Interview Configurations which can then be assigned to individual Loan Originators. Each LO can only be assigned one configuration at a time, allowing you to control the information your LO gathers and enabling for specialization of loan programs.

To create a custom configuration:

1. Login to the Zip admin page (newadmin.zipforhome.com).

2. Click Configuration from the left navigation panel.

There is automatically a Full Loan App configuration created for you. This configuration is the default setting for all current and newly added users until another is created and applied.

3. Click the Plus symbol to begin creating an additional configuration.


a. Enter the title in the Config 2 field for this configuration.

b. Use the Detailed Settings menu section to indicate the question trees not to be used by unchecking the appropriate boxes from each section.

c. Check the Declarations box and slide the toggle to make the Declarations section of the Borrower Interview required during completion.

4. Repeat step 3 for as many configurations as desired.

5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save your configurations for later assignments.

For information on assigning your configurations, refer to knowledgebase article 7013 Assigning Borrower Interview Configurations to Loan Originators.