Code 113997 Submitted Loan Application has errors.

Description: The submitted Loan Application has errors. Please see your error results log for detailed description.

5505 12 01_LR


Note: This error typically appears with FHA or VA loans.

Steps to take:

1. This error will be accompanied by an Error.pdf report. Follow the instructions provided by Fannie Mae. Some errors may include steps 2 thru 5.

2. Navigate to Services > Fannie Mae > Government.

5505 12 02_LR

3. Fill in the FHA Lender ID or FHA Sponsor ID.

5505 12 03_LR

4. Navigate to Forms > Federal Housing Administration (FHA) > FHA Loan Underwriting and Transmittal Summary (HUD-92900-LT).

5. Selection an option from the Section of the House Act dropdown and the Property Type dropdown.

5505 12 04_LR