Code 118337 Subject Property Type Code is missing

Description: Subject Property information is missing.

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5505 18 04_LR

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Steps to take:

1. Navigate to Loan Application – Section 2 & 3.

2. Scroll down to 3a. Property You Own 3b/3c Additional Property, make sure that each item has a Status.  Select the REO by double clicking.

5505 18 02_LR

3. For Property Type Code select disposition from the Status dropdown.

4. For Purchase Price enter amount in the the Property Value field.

5. For Property State use the State field.

4. Click Save & Close.

5505 18 03_LR

5. Save and Resubmit.

6. Navigate to Borrowers Information > Subject Property.

7. Using the Property Type dropdown, select a Property Type approved by Fannie Mae.


For a more detailed explanation, please visit the Subject Property Type tab on the Fannie Mae Valid-Property-Type-Combinations table.

8. Save and Resubmit.