Code 312 Credential Get Inst Name error

Description: Credential Get Inst Name error.

Code 312 a


The Credit Agency credentials do not match what’s needed when running Credit & Underwriting. This could be because the Credit account has expired, or the Credit Agency has changed in the dropdown.

Steps to take:

1. Navigate to the Services > Fannie Mae > Fannie Mae DO/DO.

2. From the Credit Company dropdown select the correct Credit Agency.

Code 312 b

3. Click/Unclick the Fannie Mae Credit Credentials check box to verify the correct Credit Agency User ID. Then Resubmit.

Note: If steps 1-2 do not solve the problem. You will need to contact the Credit Agency to verify the account has not been locked or password changed. If there have been any changes to the Credit Agency account, then the new credentials will have to be added to Point and credit reissued.

4. Navigate to Services > Credit Reports > Request Credit.

5. From the Credit Agency dropdown select your Credit Agency, and click Submit to reissue credit.

Code 312 c

6. Enter the new Credit Agency credentials and click the Save Password checkbox. Click OK.

Code 312 d