DocMagic: Closing Disclosure in Point

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1. Go to the Fees Worksheet.  Verify on the top left of the Fees Worksheet, that the Freeze fees on the Loan Estimate with disclosed loan amount checkbox is checked.


2. Go to the Closing Cost Worksheet.  Click the Copy from Fees Worksheet button on the top right, to transfer fees from the Fees Worksheet.


3. Services > Closing Documents > Select Product.


4. Select Update Products and then Click the Investor [+] to open list of Products.


No Plan Code_03

5. Select the most appropriate Product for the Loan and click Select Product.

No Plan Code_05

Note: Once product is selected, above menu will disappear.  Proceed to Step 6.

6. Services > Closing Documents > Request Documents.


7. Select the Package from the Document Package Type dropdown and click Submit.  For Request Type, if Audit is your only option, then click Submit to get started.

Note: If Initial Disclosures were run in Point, then running Closing Disclosures on the same file may show the option of Redraw Documents with the same Order Reference Number.


Note: Login Screen will appear.  Click OK.


8. The Audit Results tab will appear by default and the menu will show Fatal and Warning errors.  Click the Order Docs button to proceed to order Closing Documents.

Note: It is not recommended to proceed before fixing Fatal errors.  To fix errors before proceeding, click the IconXat the top right.  Once errors are fixed, Resubmit and proceed to step 9.


9. Upon clicking the Orders Docs button above, the Closing Documents Request menu will reappear.  Click Submit to proceed.


Note: Login Screen will appear.  Click OK.


10. The Audit Feedback Menu now has a View Docs button available to click.


11. Click View/Print to view all documents as 1 large PDF. Click Unmark All to choose individual documents.

Note: All documents are imported individually into Document Management.