DQC2720 CRIT0058 The Final Loan Amount is required in Cash to Close

Resolve for Freddie DQC2720 CRIT0058:

- The Final Loan Amount is required in the Cash to Close table.


1. Open the loan file in Point.

2. Navigate to Forms > Loan Estimate from the top menu.

3. Use the Purpose dropdown to select the loan type.

DQC2720 a

4. Navigate to the Fees Worksheet.

5. Use the checkboxes to select which Disclosure Form is to be used.

a. For Purchase type loans select Standard Form.

b. For Refinance type loans select Alternative Form.

DQC2720 b

6. Navigate to the Closing Disclosure Pg. 3 and verify that the Loan Estimate and Final fields for the Total Closing Costs (J) at the top of the screen are populated and correct.

DQC2720 c