Fannie Mae 3062 Freddie DQC1558 CRIT0043 The interest rate is required.

Resolve for Fannie 3062 Freddie DQC1558 CRIT0043:

- The interest rate is required and must be 'NoteRatePercent', 'WeightedAverageInterestRate', 'DisclosedFullyIndexedRatePercent', or 'BuydownInitialEffectiveInterestRatePercent'.

- The interest rate is required.


One of the following must be completed:

  • Loan Estimate > Loan Terms Interest Rate
    • On the Borrower Information screen, complete the Note Rate field in the Loan Summary section

Fannie Mae 3062a

  • Truth-In-Lending > Rate Adjustments complete the Margin and Index % fields to populate the Closing Disclosure pg. 4 > Adjustable Interest Rate (AIR) Table Index + Margin % field

TIL > Rate Adjustments

Fannie Mae 3062b

  • eLoanFile > Loan Product > Buydown Final Buydown Rate
    • Truth-In-Lending > Buydown Mortgage section, complete as appropriate

Fannie Mae 3062c