Fannie Mae 3412 Freddie DQC2800 CRIT0061 A Total Amt Due From Borrower is required.

Resolve for Fannie 3412 Freddie DQC2800 CRIT0061:

- When Loan Purpose Type is equal to Purchase, at least one Integrated Disclosure Section Type of 'DueFromBorrowerAtClosing' must be provided.

- A total amount Due From Borrower At Closing is required and must be greater than or equal to $0.


1. Open the loan file in Point.

2. Navigate to Forms > Loan Estimate from the top menu.

3. Use the Purpose dropdown to verify the selection is Purchase.

Fannie Mae 3412 a

4. Navigate to the Closing Disclosure Pg. 3.

5. Scroll down to the Summaries of Transaction.

6. Verify that field K. Due From Borrower at Closing is populated and correct. If not, click the Coy From Loan Estimate button to transfer the data.

Fannie Mae 3412 b

Fannie Mae 3412 c

7. Enter an Amount for any listed Adjustments.

Fannie Mae 3412 d

Note: If there are no Adjustments entered in this section, navigate to the Closing Costs Worksheet and locate any fees that are mislabeled as Borrower Paid with no other information and clear them.