Fannie Mae 3414 Freddie DQC2801 CRIT0062 Paid By Borrower Amount is required.

Resolve for Fannie 3414 Freddie DQC2801 CRIT0062:

- When Loan Purpose Type is equal to Purchase, at least one Integrated Disclosure Section Type of PaidAlreadyByOrOnBehalfOfBorrowerAtClosing must be provided.

- The Paid Already By Or On Behalf Of Borrower At Closing Amount is required and must be greater than or equal to $0.


1. Open the loan file in Point.

2. Navigate to Forms > Loan Estimate from the top menu.

3. Use the Purpose dropdown to verify the selection is Purcase.

3414 a

4. Navigate to the Closing Disclosure Pg. 3.

5. Scroll down to the Summaries of Transaction section.

6. Enter an amount or remove the entry for any of the below shown fields:

3414 b