Fannie Mae 3553 3554

Resolve for Fannie Mae 3553 3554:

- For Loan Discount Points, when Fee Total Percent is provided and not equal to 0, Fee Paid To Type is required. When FeeType equals "Other", the Fee Type Other Description is required.

- Fee Paid To Type for Loan Discount Points must be a valid enumeration. When Fee Paid to Type equals "Other", the Fee Paid To Type Other Description must be a valid enumeration.


1. Open Loan File in Point.

2. Navigate to Closing Cost Worksheet.

3. Scroll down to section A. ORIGINATION CHARGES.

4. Under the 1st item Loan Discount, look for the Paid To indicator that is either missing or has Other chosen from the dropdown list.

5. If Other was chosen from dropdown list, then change to either Broker Affiliate or Lender Affiliate and tab out.