Fannie Mae 3600 3618 3625

Resolve for Fannie Mae 3600 3618 3625:

- For Other Costs, when Fee Actual Payment Amount is provided, Fee Payment Paid By Type is required to identify who paid the fee.

- For Other Costs, Fee Payment Paid By Type must be a valid enumeration.

- For Other Costs, Fee Actual Payment Amount is required for all fees.


1. Open Loan File in Point.

2. Navigate to Closing Costs Worksheet.

Fannie Mae 3600 a

3. Scroll down to section H. OTHER.

Fannie Mae 3600 b

4. Look for a Fee Type in the first column that is not accompanied by a Fee Amount in the 4th column.

Fannie Mae 3600 c

5. Enter the Fee Amount.

Fannie Mae 3600 d

6. Be sure the Paid By option is properly selected in the 5th column.

Fannie Mae 3600 e