1009 Adding users to MyCalyx

Note: A user entry is required for each Point installation.

To add Point users to MyCalyx:

A new record is inserted at the top of the list.

Important: Selecting this check box ensures the installation email is sent to this user.

Installation groups define a set of parameters to apply to multiple users. For example, an installation group might specify the directory where Point is installed or default locations for data folders and templates.

For information about creating installation groups, refer to knowledge base article 1008 Creating an installation group.

An email with instructions to download and install Point is sent to the user’s email address.

1. Log in to MyCalyx.
2. Click Manage Point Installations.
3. Click Add A User. Enter a name for the user in the Nickname column and enter their email address in the Username (Email) column.
4. Select the End-User Role () check box.
5. If needed, select an Installation Group from the dropdown list.
6. Select the Point version for the user from the Version dropdown list.
7. Click the Save icon.