1302 Using stacking orders

Stacking orders are used to specify the document sequence in the document repository for printing or delivery purposes. Stacking orders are defined in Utilities > Company Defaults > Stacking Orders and are applied in Document Management based on the document category and type that are specified when the document is added to the document repository.

To apply a stacking order in the document repository:

  1. Select eLoanFile > Document Management from the main menu.
  2. Select the stacking order that you want to apply to the documents currently stored in the repository from the Stacking Order dropdown list.

    The documents in the document repository are sorted in the sequence specified in the stacking order. Documents in the repository that are not included in the stacking order are placed at the end of the document list.

    For information about defining a stacking order and adding it as an option to the Stacking Order dropdown list, refer to knowledge base article 1121 Creating stacking orders.