2350 Finalizing HMDA data and locking the screen

When the HMDA fees are finalized on the HMDA Reporting screen and are ready for reporting, you can lock the screen to ensure that none of the values are changed.


Locking the entire screen to retain the values for reporting purposes is different from using the lock boxes that precede various fields on the screen. Lock boxes are toggles that will allow or prevent edits to the corresponding field. Lock boxes on the HMDA Reporting screen behave as follows:

  • When a lock box is clicked on the HMDA Reporting screen, the field is enabled for editing.
  • Changes affect only the field on the HMDA Reporting screen, not the field from where the value was copied.
  • If the lock box is clicked again, the field reverts to the value copied from the corresponding field on another screen.
  • If a lock box remains selected and the corresponding value is updated on another screen, the value on the HMDA Reporting screen does not change.

Important: To ensure that only authorized users can lock or unlock the screen, refer to knowledge base article 3402 Disabling the Finalize HMDA and lock screen check box for instructions to create a rule to restrict access to this field.


To finalize the HMDA data and lock the screen:

Note: If the check box is not enabled, you do not have access permissions to edit this field. Contact your PointCentral administrator for access to this field.

1. Open the loan that contains the final HMDA fees.

2. Select Track > HMDA > HMDA Reporting.

3. Select the Finalize HMDA data and lock screen check box.

4. To enable the fields, clear the check box.