2630 Converting a Classic 1003 to a New URLA file

You can convert a Classic 1003 file to a New URLA file using the Copy feature.

Note: This will copy the Loan Application data only, not the entire file.


To convert a file:

1. Open Point.

2. Select the Data Folder for the loan file.

3. Enter any specific parameters or leave blank to list all.

4. Click the Search button.

2630 a

5. Select the file to be converted.

6. Click the Copy button from the top right of the workspace.

2630 b

7. Select the Data Folder it is to be copied to if applicable.

8. Use the As a radio button to select if it will be saved as a Prospect or Borrower file.

9. Select your Filename option.

a. Preserve - This option will use the current filename associated with the file.

b. Auto Filename - This option will save the file with a new name determined by your Auto Filenaming convention.

c. Manual - This option will propt you to enter a new name to save the file as.

10. Mark the Copy only 1003 data to start a new loan including co-borrowers checkbox.

Note: Marking this checkbox is hat will convert your data to the new file format versus just copying the loan as is.

11. Click the OK button.

2630 c

12. Click the Search button to load the converted file.