2630 Converting a Classic 1003 to a New URLA file

You can convert a Classic 1003 file to a New URLA file using the Copy feature.

Note: This will copy the Loan Application data only, not the entire file.


To convert a file:

1. Open Point.

2. Select the Data Folder for the loan file.

3. Enter any specific parameters or leave blank to list all.

4. Click the Search button.

5. Select the file to be converted.

6. Click the Copy button from the top right of the workspace.

7. Select the Data Folder it is to be copied to if applicable.

8. Use the As a radio button to select if it will be saved as a Prospect or Borrower file.

9. Select your Filename option.

a. Preserve - This option will use the current filename associated with the file.

b. Auto Filename - This option will save the file with a new name determined by your Auto Filenaming convention.

c. Manual - This option will propt you to enter a new name to save the file as.

10. Mark the Copy only 1003 data to start a new loan including co-borrowers checkbox.

Note: Marking this checkbox is hat will convert your data to the new file format versus just copying the loan as is.

11. Click the OK button.

12. Click the Search button to load the converted file.