2705 Setting up Point Security

Point includes settings to allow only designated users to view sensitive financial and personal information.  You can grant varying levels of access to specific users, access to certain files or folders to some, or access to all files to others.

There are three sections described in this article for setting up Point security:

  • Securing the data folder
  • Creating the user account that will be used to login to Point
  • Understanding Secured Areas

Securing the data folder

1. Open Point Administrator by clicking the Windows Icon from the bottom left corner of our desktop and navigating to Calyx Software > Point Administrator.

2. In the Point Administrator click the Setup Data Folders button.

3. From the Data Folder Manager screen select the data folder you want to setup security for.

4. Click Modify Properties button.

5. In the Folder Supervisor Login window, type your password in the Password field and click the OK button.

Note: If you do not know the supervisor login, contact you local Point Administrator or Calyx Support.


6. In the Modify Data Folder Properties windows select Yes next to Security Enable? to enable security.

7. The Available to Users option defaults to Yes, but select No if you do not want any users to access the folder.

8. Click OK.

9. Repeat as necessary for each data folder being connected.

10. Click Close when finished.


Creating User Accounts

Users can only be added and given access after data folder have been added to the Point Administrator.  This topic covers adding the user(s), creating their login(s) and password(s) for secured folders.

1. In the Users section of Point Administrator, click the Setup Users button.

2. Click New User.

3. In the Modify User Properties window enter the name of the user in the Full Name field.

Note: If this user will only be able to access This Originator's Files Only or This Processor's Files Only, the Full Name must match the exact name that appears in the Originator or Processor fields in the Borrower Information screen of a Point file.  In the User ID field, enter a User ID for the person (this is the user ID that will be used to log into Point.)

4. In the Password field, enter the Password for the user (the password is case sensitive).

5. In the Access Mode and Access Rights section, select a level of access.  User access levels include:

  • Access Mode
    • Read/Write
    • Read-Only
  • Access Rights
    • All Files
    • Read/Write This Processor's Files Only
    • Read/Write This Originator's Files Only

6. Check the Access to "Financial Information" screens box if this user will have access to these screens.

7. To grant the user access to any secured areas, check the Access to "Secured Area" box.

8. click OK to apply these settings.

9. Repeat step 2 - 9 until you have entered all your users.

10. In the User Manager window check marks will reflect the access rights granted per user.

11. Click Close.

12. Click Exit to close Point Administrator.


Understanding Security Areas

See article 2702 Understanding Secured Areas when using Point Security for more information as to which areas in Point are considered to be security.