2755 Update existing loan files from your mobile device

You can update existing loan files from your mobile device and they will synch with Point on your desktop or laptop. Please review article 2754 Configure Point Mobile to synch with your Point files if you have not successfully configured Point Mobile on your smart phone.

When you log into Point Mobile from your smart phone, the following fields are displayed:

  • Borrower first and last name
  • Note Rate
  • Loan Amount
  • Status
  • Status Date
  • Rate Lock Expiration Date
  • Sales Price/Appraisal Value
  • Subject Property

Updating existing loan files

  1. Log into Point Mobile from your mobile device.
  2. From the Loan Pipeline screen, click the borrower name tab to update the loan file.

  3. The basic loan information is displayed.

    Note: Click the icon highlighted in red to edit/view the borrower information

  4. Three icons will appear, click the applicable icon to complete the action for the loan file.
    • Phone icon - appears when a phone number is entered in the loan file to initiate a phone call.
    • Mail icon - appears when a cell phone has been entered in the loan file to initiate a text message.
    • Text icon - appears when an e-mail address has been entered into the loan file to initial an e-mail

  5. From the Loan screen, click the applicable tab to update loan data.
    • Borrowers: borrower's name, contact number, present address, social security number, date of birth, and credit scores
    • Subject Property: subject property address
    • Proposed Housing Expenses: subject property monthly payment
    • Income and Expenses: Borrowers monthly income & housing expenses for the subject property

    Save the changes at any time by clicking the Save icon on the bottom right of the screen.