2814 Copying Point files from one computer to another

This topic discusses several procedures:

  • Copying files from Point to a zip disk, memory stick, or other storage device and then copying the files from a zip disk, memory stick, or other storage device back into Point
  • Copying Templates (Pnttempl) from one computer to another

Copying files to a zip disk, memory stick, or other storage device

For copying files to a CD-ROM, see article 2803 Copying Point files to a CD-ROM and back onto a computer.

1. Insert the disk or storage device into the computer.
2. Open Point.
3. From the Navigation Panel, click the Loans tab.
4. In the Search Loans section, select the data folder from the Data Folder dropdown list.
5. Click the Borrower or Prospect radio button.
6. In the Search By dropdown lists, enter any applicable parameters, if necessary.
7. Click Search.

8. In the Workspace, highlight the file or files that you want to copy.
9. Click the Copy button.
10. In the Copy Borrower or Copy Prospect window, go to the To: dropdown list and select [Specified Location…].

11. Click Browse and select the disk drive in which the files will be copied to.

12. Click OK.

13. Choose to copy the files as a Borrower or Prospect.
14. Choose one of the following:

15. Click OK. When asked to confirm the copy, click Yes.

Complete the below steps to copy the files from the storage device to another computer.

Copying files from a disk, memory stick, or other storage device back into Point

    1. Go to the computer to which you want to copy the files.
    2. Insert the disk, memory stick, or other storage device into the drive.
    3. Go to My Computer.
    4. Double-click the drive letter for the disk or memory stick you inserted.
    5. Double-click the Borrower or Prospect folder.
    6. From the menu bar, select Edit > Select All to highlight all files.
    7. From the menu bar, select Edit > Copy.
    8. From the desktop, click Start > Run.
    9. In the Open field, enter winpoint.ini, and click OK.
    10. From the winpoint.ini notepad file that opens, look for the [Directories] section.
    11. Write down the path that appears after Folder0=.

 12. Close the winpoint.ini file.
 13. From the desktop, click Start > Run.
 14. In the Open field, enter the path you wrote down from step 11 and click OK.

15. When the folder opens.
      -If you are copying borrower files, right-click the Borrower folder and click Paste.
      -If you are copying prospect files, right-click the Prospect folder and click Paste.

16. Open Point if it is not already open.
17. From the Navigation Panel, go to the Data Folders dropdown list and select the first folder available.
18. From the menu bar, select File > Rebuild list.
19. Insert a check for Prospect or Borrower and click Start.

When the list has finished rebuilding, perform a search for the files that were copied.


Copy Templates from one computer to another

The Pnttempl directory stores all templates such as, reports, closing costs, loan programs, cardex database, etc... The Pnttempl folder's default location is on the C:\ drive but you should verify where the folder is located by opening Point Administrator.

  1. Click the Windows Start icon.
  2. Navigate to All Programs > Calyx Software > Point Administrator.
  3. From the Point Administrator window, click Change Template Directory.
  4. Take note of the path that is listed.
  5. Exit Point Administrator and go to My Computer or Computer.
  6. Navigate to the drive letter or server that was listed in the Pnttempl path from step 4.
  7. Locate the Pnttempl folder and copy it to a CD or other storage device.
  8. Simply copy the Pnttempl folder from the storage device onto the computer you are copying files to. When you open Point, all the templates should be there.

Note: If you are combining templates then you should not copy the entire Pnttempl folder as it will overwrite all templates that are on the computer. In this case, you should open the Pnttempl folder and copy the contents of each sub folder into the same sub folders on the other computer.