3102 Installing PointCentral For the First Time


Ensure that your system has the required components before you begin.

View the latest PointCentral system requirements.

For instructions to verify server roles and IIS, view article 3605 Installing IIS and required server roles.

Installing PointCentral

1. Log in to MyCalyx.com from the PointCentral server.

2. Click Download Server Software.

3. Select the latest version and click Download.

4. Select the Install or update PointCentral link.

5. Select to Run or Save the installation file.

6. Microsoft .NET Framework will install if it is not already. A server restart might be required before you can continue with the PointCentral update.

The InstallShield Wizard is displayed.

7. Click Next.

8. Accept the license agreement terms and click Next.

The Destination Folder dialog box is displayed. The installation path displayed is your default installation location.

9. Click Change to specify a different installation location.

10. Click Next.

11. Click Install.

12. Click Finish when the installation is complete.

The Configuration Wizard will open. The Company Name and Account ID fields should automatically populate with your information.

13. Click Next.

14. Select the SQL version that is currently installed and click Next.

The Database Connection Information dialog box will open with the SQL Server Name automatically populated and the Named Instance selected by default.

15. Enter the SQL SA Password and click Next.

Note: The SA Password was created when you initially installed the SQL Server.

The next dialog box that opens displays the location of the PointCentral database and PointCentral configuration files.

16. Click Next.

17. Specify whether your PointCentral server uses a Calyx Resolver service or your custom DNS and SSL Certificate and click Next.

If you selected to Use my custom DNS solution and SSL Certificate, click Finish when the Finish dialog box is displayed.

18. If you selected Use the Calyx Resolver Service, the Calyx Resolver Domain Name and IP Address dialog box is displayed.

a. Enter a Host Name.

b. To enable both internal and external access click Detected Public IP Address:

c. To enable only internal access click Detected Local IP Address:

d. Click Next.

The Calyx Resolver Name and IP Address Confirmation dialog box is displayed, providing the URLs for your administration page and database service.

19. Click Next.

20. Click Finish.