5203 Marking your loan as Refi Possible for submitting to Freddie Mac

Point has added support for the Offering Identifier option of Refi Possible for loans being submitted to Freddie Mac LPA System-to-System.

To mark your loan as Refi Possible:

1. Open the file in Point.

2. Navigate to Services > Freddie Mac > Addendum.

5203 a

3. Scroll down to the Transaction Detail section.

4. Select the Offering Identifier option.

5203 b

Note: The Refi Possible option is currently not in the dropdown options but will be with a future release.

5. Manually type Refi Possible into the dropdown field.

5203 c

For information on submitting a file for underwriting through Freddie Mac System to System, refer to knowledge base article 5201 Submitting a Request through LPA S2S.