5201 Submitting a Request through LPA S2S

The Freddie Mac Loan Advisor System-to-System service request interface must first be setup by the Point or PointCentral Admin in order to be used. For information on setting up the LPA S2S, refer to knowledge base article 1138 Enabling Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor System-to-Stystem (LPA S2S).

To submit a request for Credit, Underwriting, or a combination Credit & Underwriting:

1. Select Services > Freddie Mac > Loan Product Advisor.

2. Use the Transaction Request Type dropdown list to select the transaction type.

3. Use the Credit Company dropdown list to select the vendor you want to request services through.

Note: Certain selections from the Credit Company dropdown will cause an additional dropdown menu to appear. Use the Technical Affiliate dropdown to make the appropriate selection when applicable.

4. To reorder a credit report for your borrower, check the Reorder checkbox next to the borrower's name.

Note: If this is the first time requesting services for the file, the LPA Key and Loan ID fields will be blank. They will populate for you once the initial request is sent for the file.

5. Click the Submit button.

5201 a

6. The Loan Product Advisor Results dialog box will open listing the evaluation status of your file.

For information on the various evaluation statuses, refer to knowledge base article 5202 LPA System-to-System evaluation statuses.

5201 b

7. Click OK.

View Feedback window will open allowing you to select and view verification documents. These same documents are also automatically stored in the Document Repository.

5201 c