6013 General security update instructions

To stay up-to-date with the latest security measures instituted by Calyx Software and our integrated services providers, we strongly suggest following the steps below in the order listed:

1. Update Windows

Your system must stay current. Refer to knowledge base article 6012 Updating Windows to check for and run updates, or to verify your system is current.

2. Check Internet Security settings.

3. Meet Microsoft .NET Framework system requirements.

Point and PointCentral have minimum .NET Framework system requirements. Refer to knowledge base article 1006 Verifying the installed Microfsoft .NET Framework version to verify you have the proper framework installed. Point 9.6 and later/PointCentral 9.5 and later require .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later. 

4. Update to the most recent Point/PointCentral version.

To maintain the latest security requirements, Calyx recommends updating your software version as soon as possible. Refer to knowledge base articles 1003 Updating Point and 3100 Updating PointCentral for instructions on how to update to the most recent version.