6315 WebCaster Login failed error


The following error occurs when using the WebCaster interface in Point:



WebCaster Preferences are not complete, for example, the web address is missing or an invalid password was entered.



Verify the credentials used in WebCaster Preferences are the ones that were set by the WebCaster administrator and update the WebCaster Preferences accordingly.


To update WebCaster Preferences:

The WebCaster Preferences dialog box is displayed.

  1. Select Utilities > WebCaster Preferences from the main menu.
  2. Complete each section as applicable using valid WebCaster login credentials and website information.

    Note: The Administrator E-mailWeb Site#Web Site AddressLoan Application E-Mail, and Loan Application Password, and Loan Status Password are required.

  3. Complete the Loan Application Notification Instructions section if you use the Download Directly into Point function.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Exit completely from Point to save the updated preferences.
  6. Reopen Point and try to access WebCaster again.

If you do not know your Loan Status or Loan Application password or need to reset them, see article 4200 Resetting the WebCaster Loan Application and Loan Status password.