7003 Setting your Company Defaults for Zip

With Zip you can set Company Defaults to be standard for new Zip User sites.

Setting your Company Defaults:

1. Login to your Zip admin site (https://newadmin.zipforhome.com).
2. Under the Company Default tab, set the standard Landing Page content.
    1. Click the Image box, select and upload an image - This image will be the default for all subsequent Zip sites added until the User updates their page with their own headshot.
    2. Verify and edit your Company NameNMLSAddressCityState, and Zip Code as needed.
    3. Enter a Landing page message to applicants (Welcome message) – If you will be enabling the Spanish language option and want your message in both content boxes, you will need to translate this yourself as Zip does not auto-translate custom content.
    4. For Language Selection, select either the On or Off radio button – This is default to Off, so, if you would like to offer a Spanish option to your customers, click On.
    5. Logos – The Equal Housing Opportunity logo is already loaded for you, if you would like to add another logo, you can do so here. These populate the bottom right of the landing page screen.

3. Click Save.
4. Select Banner and Colors from the left navigation menu.
5. Select your Banner options:
    1. Do not display banner – No banner will be shown for any Zip sites.
    2. Display text – Enter the text to be displayed on the banner and select your colors and font.
    3. Display Image – Use the File upload Browse button to select the image to be displayed on all pages, then click Upload. Next, select your banner alignment for all pages (Left, Center, or Right).

6. If you would like your customers to be taken to your company web page when they click the banner, enter the desired URL in the Banner navigation options field.

Note: The https:// is already there for you, simply enter the direct website address in the field.

7. Use the Color settings section to select the colors for your Zip site.
8. In the Font section use the dropdown to select the font for general content.

9. Click Save.

Your Company Defaults are now set and will load into any User accounts you add to Zip.

For instructions on adding new Users to your Admin Zip account, please refer to knowledge base article 7004 Adding new Users to your Admin Zip account.