7004 Adding new Users to your Admin Zip account

With Zip you can add multiple Users under your Admin account, set Company Defaults to maintain consistency, and even control various levels of access rights for your User types.

To add Users to your Zip Admin account:

1. Login to your Zip admin site (https://newadmin.zipforhome.com).
2. Click the Loan Originator tab.

Note: You will see your information already populating the Results section at the bottom. This is where you would go to modify any of the information that shows on your specific Zip landing page, as well.

3. Click the New User button.

4. Complete the Contact section for the User being added.

Note: If the User is a Loan Originator who will be taking in their own applications, make sure the name entered matches what is in the Loan Originator dropdown within Point.

5. Select the level of access you want the User to have.
    1. Disable Site – This option is preferred for Processors and anyone who would only be sending/retrieving Document Requests and INK-it to and from borrowers. They do not get a Zip site, and do not get any access to the Zip admin site.
    2. No Access – User can receive their own loan applications, send/retrieve Document Requests and INK-it’s, but their Zip site is completely company managed.
    3. Read Only/Limited Access – User has access to all Zip enabled functions and can access the Zip admin site, but only as read-only.
    4. Edit/User Configurable – User has access to all Zip features and can access the Zip admin site to edit information specific to their landing page.

6. Enter any State Licenses applicable to the User.
    1. If User is licensed to do business in all states, select the Add all button.
    2. To remove any specific states, select that state and click the trash can icon for that row.

7. Click Save.

For instructions on integrating Zip in Point refer to knowledge base article 1139 Setting the Zip/WebCaster Preferences.

If changes need to be made later to any specific Users, please refer to knowledge base article 7005 Updating User information for Zip.