Fannie Mae 3603 DQC1416 CRIT0090

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Resolve for Fannie Mae 3603 Freddie Mac DQC1416 CRIT0090:

- An Integrated Disclosure SubSection Type of 'LenderCredits' is required in the submission, even if a $0 value.

- Lender Credits must be delivered in the Total Closing Costs Section.


1. Open Loan File in Point.

2. Navigate to Forms > Closing Disclosure > Page 3.

3603 01_LR New

3. Under Calculating Cash to Close check the Increase exceeds the legal limits by box.

3603 02_LR New

4. At the bottom of the screen choose the Pg 2 button.

3603 03_LR

5. Scroll down to Lender Credits and notice that Legal Limit amount has been added to the Lender Credits.

3603 04_LR New

6. Save and resubmit the UCD.