1010 Getting Started with MyCalyx

MyCalyx is a web portal that Calyx customers can use to download the current version of Point and PointCentral as well as manage their accounts online (add seats, designate users, e.g.).

A one-time license purchase is made for each account and an individual seat is purchased for each user. After the initial purchase is made, organizations can purchase additional seats at any time without purchasing another license.


Activate your MyCalyx account

You will receive a welcome e-mail from mycalyx@calyxsoftware.com which will contain your registered e-mail address, temporary password, and activation link.

  1. From the welcome e-mail, click the "click here" link to activate your MyCalyx account.
  2. From the MyCalyx Management site, enter your registered e-mail address and temporary password.
  3. Change the password to a password that you will remember and click the MyCalyx link at the top of the page.
  4. From your MyCalyx management site, click Manage Users.

Your MyCalyx account has now been activated. You will now need to log into your account at https://www.mycalyx.com and add every user that will install Point.


Adding users

Point will be downloaded via e-mail so you must add every person's e-mail address to your MyCalyx.com account for them to receive the installation e-mail, please see 1009 Adding users to MyCalyx


Create an installation setting (Optional for several users sharing files within a network)

Recommended for installing Point on multiple computers in a network environment or PointCentral (Point Data Server).

If you are a single user, you do not need to create an installation setting and can skip this step. Or if you already have a previous version of Point installed, you can skip this step because the upgrade will retain all existing configuration settings.

  1. Log into https://www.mycalyx.com
  2. From the MyCalyx Management site, click Manage Users.

  3. An installation setting should be created. Please see 1008 Creating installation groups

Installing Point

You must add a user and check the End-User role checkbox before the installation e-mail is generated, please see 1009 Adding users to MyCalyx



4. When you receive the MyCalyx installation email, click the install Point link.
5. From the MyCalyx installation page, click the Install button to proceed.
6. Follow any prompts given to install the software.

7. Point will verify the installation settings that you created for the user and install.