1136 Assigning a Loan Number (Lender Case No.)

The Lender Case No. field is populated automatically when Auto File Naming is enabled, or you can enter the case number directly into the field.


Automatically populating the Lender Case No field.

Enabling Auto File Naming to automatically assign loan numbers will automatically populate the Lender Case No field with the loan number on section 1 of the Loan Application when a new loan is created.

Note: The Lender Case No field is automatically populated only when Lender is selected in the Company Information dialog box. Refer to knowledge base article 1104 Entering company information for more information.

  1. Set up Auto File Naming.

To set up Auto File Naming, see article 1133 Enabling auto file naming.

  1. Create a new loan (select File > New > Loan > Prospect or Borrower).
  2. Click Save.

The Lender Case No field is populated with the Point loan number.

Manually populating the Lender Case No field.

1. Select Utilities > Auto File Naming> Prospect or Borrower.

2. Verify that the Enable Auto File Naming check box is NOT selected.
3. Create a new loan (select File > New > Loan > Prospect or Borrower) or open an existing loan.
4. Go to page 1 of the Loan Application.
5. Enter your lender case number in the Lender Case No field.