1505 Creating custom report templates

  1. Open the Templates tab from the left navigation panel.
  2. Select Report & Marketing.

The Report and Marketing Template screen is displayed.

3. Click the New button.

4. Enter the name of your report in the Report Title field.

5. Enter a description of your report template in the Description: field.
6. Enter the field parameters.
7. Select a field name from the Field Name dropdown list.

The Field ID field is automatically populated.  If the field you want to include is not on the list, enter the Field Name and Field ID directly into the fields.

To locate field IDs, see article 1131 Locating field IDs.

  1. Select the check box in the Show column to indicate whether the corresponding field is shown in the report.
  2. Click the ellipsis (...) button in the Condition column to specify the conditions when this field is included in the report.
  3. Select one of the options from the Total field, to specify a TotalAverage, or Count of the entries at the bottom of the corresponding column in the report.
  4. Select the format of the data from the Format field.

For example, if the field value is a percentage or dollar amount, you can specify the number of decimal places. Auto is the default value.

1. Specify the width of the column in the Width field.
2. Repeat these steps for each field in the report.
3. Complete the Sort Options section.

4. Select the sequence by which the records are to be sorted in the report from the Sort byThen by, and Then by dropdown lists.

    1. Specify the first field to sort by in the Sort by dropdown list.
    2. Specify the second field to sort by in the first Then by dropdown list.
    3. Specify the last field to sort by in the second Then by dropdown list.
    For each option that you specified in the Sort by dropdown lists, select Ascending or DescendingGroup by, or Page break to specify the record format.

5. Complete the Output Options section.

6. Determine the type of output for the report and select the applicable option.


7. Select File > Save from the main menu.

8. Enter the name of the report and click Save.


Refer to article 1400 Generating reports for instructions to generate a report.