2753 Securing a data folder for Point Mobile

This article does not apply if you are configured for PointCentral.

You must have a secured data folder enabled in Point before you can synchronize your smart phone with your Point files. A login will be required when you open Point and when you access Point Mobile from your mobile device.

This article does not apply to PointCentral users since PointCentral users are already configured to enter a login when they open Point. Users who does not currently enter a login to access Point must follow the instructions in this article to enable a secured data folder.

Point Mobile will synchronize with only one secured data folder, which MUST be the first folder when you open Point.

Secure the data folder in Point

  1. Open Point Administrator by going to the desktop and selecting Start > Programs > Calyx Software > Point Administrator.

    The Point Administrator window opens.

  2. Click Setup Data Folders

    The Data Folder Manager window appears.
  3. Highlight the data folder for which you want to set up security.
  4. Click Modify Properties.

    The Folder Supervisor Login window appears.

  5. Type in your password and click OK.

    • If you do not know the supervisor login, contact the person who created the data folder or click here for a password change request.

    Once you have entered the correct supervisor password, the Modify Data Folder Properties window appears.

  6. Click Yes next to Security Enabled?
  7. The Available to Users option defaults to Yes.
  8. Click OK.
  9. In the Data Folder Manager window, click Close.
  10. An icon of a key lock symbol is displayed to the left of the data folder after security is successfully enabled.
  11. Once a data folder is secured, use the Move Up button to move the secured data folder to the first position in the Data Folder Manager window.
    Point Mobile will synchronize with only one secured data folder, which MUST be the first folder in the Data Folder Manager window.

Once you secure a data folder, you are asked to enter your login every time you open Point. The same login that you use to access Point is used when you access Point Mobile from your smart phone. Please see "Creating User Accounts" below for instructions on creating the user name and password that you will use to access Point and Point Mobile.


Creating the User Accounts

Now that you have secured the data folder, you must create your user name and password. This login is used to access Point Mobile from your mobile device as well as to access Point from your desktop or laptop.

  1. In the Users section of the Point Administrator window, click Setup Users.

  2. Enter the supervisor password for the data folder.
  3. When the User Manager window appears, click New User.

    The Modify User Properties window appears. 

  4. In the Full Name field, enter the name of the user.

    Note: If this user will only be able to access This Rep's Files Only or This Processor's Files Only, the Full Name must match name that is entered in the Originator or Processor field on the Borrower Information screen in a Point file exactly.
  5. In the User ID field, enter the user ID (the user ID they will use to log into Point and Calyx Mobile).
  6. In the Password field, enter a password for the user (the password is case sensitive).
  7. In the Access Mode and Access Rights section, select a level of access. User access levels include:
    • Read/Write All Files
    • Read/Write This Processor's Files Only
    • Read/Write This Rep's Files Only
    • Read-Only All Files
    • Read-Only This Processor's Files Only
    • Read-Only This Rep's Files Only
  8. Click Access to "Financial Information" if the user will have access to these screens.
  9. To grant the user access to secured areas, click Access to "Secured Area".
  10. Click OK.
  11. Repeat steps 2 - 9 until you have entered all your users.

    See article 2702 Understanding Secured Areas when using Point Security for more information about which areas in Point are secured.
  12. In the User Manager window, check marks reflect the access rights.
  13. Click Close.
  14. Click Exit to close Point Administrator.
  15. When you open Point, you will be required to log in. This same login will be used when you access Point Mobile from your mobile device.