3315 Copying the HMDA Report from the default template set to a custom template set

Important: The information in this article is for the PointCentral Admin.

Important: Once the report file is copied into any other template set, you will need to rebuild the custom template set. Refer to knowledge base article 3313 Rebuilding Template Sets for instructions.

Important: A full forced synch will need to be run after making this change. Refer to knowledge base article 3202 Full Forced Synchronization of PointCentral Data Fields for instructions.

To copy the HMDA report from the Organizational Template Set to any custom template sets used:

  1. Navigate to the Organization Template Set > Reports directory where PointCentral is installed.

Note: The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Calyx Software\PointCentral\filesync\TemplateSets\Organization-Template-Set\REPORT.

1. Locate the Calyx Report – HMDA Report.RPT file.

2. Right click the file and select Copy.
3. Paste the file into any custom template set report folders as needed, over writing the older version of the file.