6600 Documents stored in the document repository do not display correctly


Documents imported into the document repository do not display correctly or contain jumbled characters and watermarks.



The following causes can contribute to the document display issue. 

  • Scanned documents: Some drivers used in certain scanners can cause display issues when importing into the document repository.
  • Multiple Amyuni drivers: If multiple Amyuni drivers are installed, follow the steps to delete the unnecessary Amyuni driver files and reinstall the Calyx Document Converter.
  • Conflicts with other printers or PDF converters



Scanned documents

Documents that are scanned before importing into the document repository might not display correctly due to a conflict with the scanner or the scanner settings. Calyx offers limited support to correct display problems caused by scanned documents. We will provide advice to help correct this issue; however, we do not provide support to troubleshoot scanner settings.

Use the following steps to correct the problem:

  1. Open the document with the display issue in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Save the document with a unique name to your desktop.
  3. Import the new document into the document repository. 

If that does not resolve the issue, try the following:

  • Adjust your scanner settings, for example, lower the resolution or change the scanner converter setting.
  • Contact your scanner manufacturer or your network administrator.
  • Update to the latest Point version to install the latest Amyuni PDF Converter.

Multiple versions of the Amyuni driver are installed

If the problem is not resolved by performing the steps for scanned documents, the problem could be caused because the Calyx Document Converter was not able to update the driver.

The Calyx Document Converter is installed with Point and is used to convert Point and custom forms to PDF and for storing documents in Point. If you experience display problems when multiple versions are present, you will need to delete all versions of the driver.

6005 Deleting all Amyuni driver versions

Conflicts with other printers or PDF converters

If the previous solutions do not solve the issue, you need to remove the Calyx Document Converter and do a fresh install.

6004 Reinstalling the Calyx Document Converter